Saturday, April 6, 2013

Changes To My Portfolio In March

I completely exited my Apple position over the last few weeks, I no longer like the growth prospects of the company as much as those of some other companies that I have wanted to add to/initiate positions in for a while. I used the proceeds to add to The Walt Disney Company (DIS) core holding in my IRA as well as start a position in Time Warner Inc. (TWX).

I also increased my Under Armour position on weakness and sold my remaining shares of CF Industries Holdings Inc. (CF) at a slight loss. I plan to revisit CF at some point but all indications are for little to zero growth in 2013/2014 so there are better alternatives at this point in time, that's my thinking anyway.

My Alaska Air Group (ALK) holding has nearly doubled over the last year and takes up a much more significant part of my portfolio than I would have ever expected. I have not sold any as of this time and I really don't have plans to yet, the stock is still very cheap and has more room to run in my opinion.


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