Monday, December 16, 2013

Disney's Media Library Just Got Even Better

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) made headlines last week when it announced that it struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to acquire the marketing and distribution rights for all future films in the Indiana Jones franchise. The move is not totally unexpected as Disney had already acquired production rights for all future films in the popular franchise with its 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm.

However, the deal does make it possible for Disney to now build the Indiana Jones franchise in any way it wants. It now seems increasingly likely that the titular adventure hero will be joining his space-faring Star Wars friends in Disney's growing media library in the near future.

Click here to read how I think Disney will proceed with Indiana Jones in the years to come!



  1. Another Indy film in the works, maybe? Dunno how that would work since Harrison's getting on in years, but could be cool :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for writing, I think we can definitely expect another Indy film sooner rather than later considering this deal. I'm excited for it, I actually liked Crystal Skull even though many did not. I think Harrison has another one in him, maybe several, he still looks good from what I saw of Ender's Game. Maybe they try to reintroduce a newer Indy in the film too, kind of what they tried to do with Shia in the last film, What do you think?